Lead Generation from LinkedIn

Social media has revolutionized the world of internet & its impact is being seen almost in every sphere of life. It has great impact on internet marketing & advertising as well & in this post our focus is to put down some points which can help you generate leads from LinkedIn. By far LinkedIn seems to be the best social network for B2B lead generation due to its focus on professional & business networking. The mind map provides different aspects of lead generation on LinkedIn.


  • Personal Profile


    Your profile is the core of your LinkedIn presence & keeping it updated & polished will help you attract more people interested in your business.


    Recommendations from your past colleagues & customers help build credibility of yours & in turn of your business.

  • Company Page

    An effective company page can help you in connecting with your prospects by regularly posting updates & happenings about company.

  • Niche Group

    Creating group dedicated to your niche or industry can help in increasing interaction on the issues in your business domain & also help in connecting.


  • Individual Identity

    Social media is two way communication & it is important to keep yourself in conversation rather than through company alias or login

  • Groups

    Engagement & Activity

    Groups with higher level of activity can help you engage & generate leads rather than those which are not active

    Customer Participation

    Groups where your customers participate can provide your targeted group of people


    Participating in groups with large number of members can help you reach a larger audience through email feeds of group posts.

  • LinkedIn Answers
    Demonstrate expertise through answers
    Answer Feed

  • Follow Companies


  • Twitter & TripIt Application

  • Greatly Enhanced LinkedIn Sharing Features
  • Being In The Context Of Conversation


  • Landing Pages Need To Continue Conversation

  • Increase Quality Of Leads By Channeling Career Networking

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