Combining Direct Digital Marketing With Search Engine Marketing

Marketing is a process to make your product visible among the masses & it is of utmost importance to promote your product. Unlike some of the big companies, small businesses have to deal with a limited budget for a campaign & internet provides a platform for promoting your business in a cost effective manner. But today even big companies are recognizing the potential of online marketing.

Internet marketing offers many ways to plan your campaign viz search marketing, display marketing, social media marketing etc. & the most popular among all is the search marketing, which can be divided into two groups’ search engine optimization & pay per click advertising. Search engines such as Google & Yahoo are the first place that people go today, when looking for information online, to solve their problem, & they tend to respond to anything that solves their problem or provides right information. You can read more on search marketing here. Pay per click is a type of advertising model where advertisers pay to display their ads & seems to be a superior model for advertisers as they have ability to achieve specific desired ranking by paying more. You can read more on pay per click advertising here.

Now that we have caught the attention of the searcher, the next objective should be how to get the searchers contact information. Companies should incorporate basic information fields like name, email & contact number on their landing pages. If consumers visits the page & leaves, the company will have gained nothing from that click. It is important to have permission based opt-ins like subscribe to newsletters on the landing pages. If they have provided information, we could have another shot at convincing them to buy the product. You can read on landing page best practices here.

Companies have to treat each customer differently. For example: If a searcher is looking for “Washing machine buying guide” is different from one looking for “Washing machine pricing”. The former is still in the awareness phase and the latter is in action phase of a buying cycle. The customer in the awareness phase needs all the information he wants before deciding to buy it or not, so companies should try to land him on benefits page of their website & the customer in action phase knows what these products offer, therefore they should be directed towards the pricing page.

Search marketing helps in knowing the phase of the customer in the buying & can help companies to treat them accordingly while direct digital marketing aims to communicate with them through various electronic forms like email, websites and mobile. Combining these two help in nurturing visitors who are in upper phases of purchase funnel (awareness, interest) & bringing them down to lower phases (desire, action). Combining direct digital marketing with search marketing also gives companies multiple opportunities to lure the customers & act upon yesterday’s lost opportunities.

If companies have many products to offer, they can cross sell to the customers who are acquired through search marketing of one product by running direct digital marketing campaign for the other product. Sending customer specific newsletters are one way to engage with your old leads.

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